Salamon Exhibitions


Wood # 1

from 17 September 2022 to 03 October 2022

From Monday to Friday
from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Or by appointment

Press Release
Wood # 1

The season opens with simultaneous exhibitions of works by the artists. 

Silvia De Bastiani - Giozu - Sara Menon

Silvia De Bastiani is a Venetian watercolourist who impresses with the skill with which she knows how to control the balance between figurative and abstract genres.

Specialising in Alpine views, the artist knows how to interpret and render horizons, lights, smells, temperatures and the solitude of the mountains from every perspective. Silvia De Bastiani masters the technical medium like a few other contemporary watercolourists, an ability that allows her to tackle imposing formats while maintaining the freshness and breadth of vision of more miniature paintings. 

Just back from a spectacular edition of the Selvatica festival in Biella, where she exhibited the production of the last three years, she is acclaimed for her ability to communicate on several levels, attracting the fascinated gaze of novice viewers and demanding critics.


Giozu is the youngest artist promoted by the gallery. Born in Milan in 1992, he brings a breath of fresh air with a language close to street art, using a very traditional technique such as papier-mâché. The Milanese artist, who has a history as a circus performer behind him, proposes fantastic animals that pop up from every corner of the gallery. Giozu belongs to the generation that lives and knows the concept of the precarious. In his sculptures, he seeks the mediation between the ephemeral and the eternal, between the ephemeral and the long-lived, between absence and presence. He is definitely a young man of his time to whom we must look with curiosity.


Sara Menon, a recent acquisition, is introduced into the Salamon Fine Art stable for having been selected as a gallery prize in the Be Natural Be Wild competition. The artist is a talented draughtswoman whose work invites the viewer into a world of dreamlike atmosphere, albeit in the descriptive rigour that most of the artists selected by Salamon Fine Art share.

Pencil drawing and watercolour alternate on the surface of the sheets in great harmony; the backdrops created in black and white by the crayon support the subjects in watercolour in the foreground, giving the desired movement.

A restorer by profession, Sara Menon draws excellently, but she obtained this prestigious award for her ability to combine traditional techniques mediated by an unprecedented gaze.