Alcedo, 2020

Egg tempera on board inch. 23,6 x 23,6 ( cm 60 x 60)

The kingfisher is a symbol of opportunity abundance and peace. The Martin Fisherman is a promise of abundance. It is said that if an alcedo enters your life, you may be asked to dive headlong into some activity or perhaps a new love that is coming. According to legend, the presence of the kingfisher indicates that he will be there to guide you to success. 


The scientific name of the genus derives from the Latin alcedo, a term used by the ancients to describe it deriving in turn from the Greek ἀλκυών (halcyon), in reference to the myth of Alcione, which was transformed by the gods into one of these birds together with her husband Ceice: the name of the species also derives from the Latin Atthis, with the meaning of Attide, intended as the beautiful favourite of the poetess Sappho: however, it should be noted that Martial calls with this name Procne and Philomela after their transformation into birds (respectively a swallow and a nightingale).