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Selvatica festival lands in digital, the exhibition in 3D with a virtual visit.

03 December 2020

Following the closure of the event, the Fondazione del Credito of Biella launches the festival on the web, with the possibility of appreciating the numerous exhibitions distributed in the three historic buildings of Piazzo.



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Black Friday for helping young artists

20 November 2020

We propose an initiative aimed at supporting the young talents of the gallery, who more than others are suffering from the emergency caused by COVID-19.

Black Friday discount of 25% on all the works on deposit - and published on website- in the gallery of the following artists:


  • Silvia De Bastiani
  • Simone Geraci
  • Margherita Leoni
  • Nicola Magrin
  • Silvia Molinari
  • Giorgia Oldano


The gallery will renounce at its commission. 

The initiative is limited to the week from 23 to 30 November 2020, do not miss the opportunity!


To receive information about the works contact us by email or by phone: | T. +39 335 58 94 218


What is the rule of a art gallery during COVID-19 pandemia

27 October 2020

That art should be enjoyed in reality we wrote it almost in a whisper during the first spring emergency on the basis of the intuition and experience of the gallery and we reiterate it with greater awareness today, strengthened by the analysis of what happened globally in recent months. 

The world art market has doubled its online sales, but from a risky 4% to an equally unsatisfactory 8%.

The viewing rooms, even when proposed by expensive platforms, do not replace the many emotions that art arouses from life. Just as there is a lack of proper understanding and appreciation of a work legitimized by a gallery owner, or by the critics, and in an appropriate exhibition context.

These are the reasons that since March have stopped us in proposing the works of artists in which we believe through cold screens and have led us to maintain contact with our visitors, acquaintances, friends, collectors through stories, more or less short and varied in themes and modes of communication, on the reflections that the pandemic involves and will involve and on what revolves around the world of art and painters, sculptors and engravers that we have long supported.

What we had glimpsed, but without the certainties we have today, is that art is part of that superfluous indispensable to our existence. In those months of seclusion, we understood how insipid our life is when it is deprived of art, culture and nature.

An absence that has therefore strengthened the awareness that our role, though not a priority for survival, is essential in our communities. An awareness that fuels the willingness to continue despite the difficulties, to face the costs of maintaining our headquarters and to take on the burden of responsibility that a company as complex as a gallery entails.

In our case, it has also reinforced the idea that the genre we have supported for decades, which is rooted in painters, sculptors and engravers who give rise to works with a strong ethical and aesthetic sense, are more necessary than ever to society. Because they are capable of a universal and long-lived language; because they are inspired by the themes of nature and because they do not escape the impositions given by time, the necessary ally for creative minds to stimulate deep reflections and cured executions.

Now more than ever we will have to let art and the ways to propose it, of proven effectiveness, reappropriate their time and space. The temporary pause could be a necessary limbo for a restart where traditional habits are consolidated and revised by new elements. the habits are to relive, as soon as possible, art in proximity, while the novelties are inherent in the suggestions to which artists -and perhaps even gallery owners- are called and will follow after this difficult moment. 


Record of visitors at Selvatica festival

22 October 2020

Thanks to the Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella which, despite the period, wanted to give a tangible sign of support to art with the launch of the eighth edition of the Selvatica festival.

More than two hundred artworks, including paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, distributed in four exhibitions set up in three different historical buildings of the Piazzo di Biella.

A challenging curatorial task, but also rewarding for a large number of visitors, an increase compared to the last edition.

On display the work of accredited and new artists, Italian and international, all united by their commitment to the defence of nature, their only source of inspiration.

About artworks are displayed oeuvres by Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez, Margherita Leoni, Luciano Mello Witkoski Pinto, Federica Galli. 

Until January 10, 2021, in Biella.

For information, you can go to the website:



Sogni di Grande Nord - Paolo Cognetti with Nicola Magrin

21 October 2020

Together in the great north for a journey that has the flavour of ancient explorations, to faraway places and in the footsteps of the great storytellers of the past to reflect on existence and nature.  

Filmmaker Dario Acocella

Film production of Rai tv and Feltrinelli


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