News 2021

Margherita Leoni paintings come back from Biella

04 March 2021

After the exhibition at the Selvatica festival in Biella, which lasted several months, Margherita Leoni's artworks are back in Milan's gallery.

An occasion to admire them up close, safe and in peace. 

We are available to make appointments so that we can visit the gallery for an entire time. 

For appointments:
T. +39 335 5894 218

MART Museum, in Rovereto, open after pandemia

09 February 2021

We are pleased to inform you that the exhibition dedicated to the sculptors Luciano and Ivan Zanoni has reopened.

The colossal set up is displayed at the Mart national museum in Rovereto. 

To comply with national openings, the museum is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For further information:

On display are dozens of monumental wrought-iron sculptures representing the four seasons. 


Selvatica open again

04 February 2021

We are pleased to inform you that the Selvatica festival reopens. In compliance with the Covid-19 emergency decrees, it will be closed at weekends.

Open every Friday in February from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Don't miss the opportunity to admire the many works that have enlivened the historic buildings on the square in Biella. 

Libreria Bocca Tv Channel

13 January 2021

Thank you to Vera Agosti and Giorgio Libreria Bocca for the interview to talk about the gallery's experience during the COVID-19 emergency.

I invite you to follow the other interviews by the art critic on the Libreria Bocca tv channel, which allow you to observe the Italian art scene from many angles.

Margherita Leoni e Gianluca Corona su Gardenia e La Cucina Italiana

05 January 2021

We would like to point out that Margherita Leoni and Gianluca Corona are the protagonists of two important articles in two important Italian monthly magazines.

Gardenia, the magazine of reference for gardening, from the Cairo editore group, dedicated an article to Margherita Leoni, whose work is the protagonist of the 2021 agenda that is traditionally sold at the end of the year by the magazine. 

Journalist Cinzia Toto frames the role of botanical watercolourists in the history of botanical sciences and, today, of those involved in preserving the planet's greenery. This theme is at the heart of this year's Selvatica event in Biella. Where Margherita Leoni has a major exhibition until 30 January 2021.


The second article, published in the well-known cookery magazine La Cucina Italiana, is dedicated to the quality of Italian food and its products of excellence through the evocative images rendered in an oil painting by Gianluca Corona. The painter is an Italian exponent of the Still Life genre, who for years has interpreted the products of nature and Italian food ingenuity with pictorial and scientific skill.

We invite you to buy the January issues of both magazines on newsstands. 

And to appreciate their works on our website, click here for Gianluca Corona and click here for Margherita Leoni.