News 2021

Milan names a new street after Federica Galli

15 July 2021

It is with emotion that we announce that the city of Milan has named a new street after Federica Galli.

We are grateful to the municipality, which with this tangible sign in the city's toponymy, recognises the great artistic and human value of the Lombard artist.

Federica Galli, who arrived in Milan in 1946, became one of the protagonists of the most fervent cultural scene that the capital has experienced in modern times.

She asserted herself with determination and a keen eye, benefiting from a technical and artistic talent comparable only to the visionary Giambattista Piranesi.  

The street will be located at the Bicocca -a university hub, an avant-garde artistic centre, behind the village of journalists-; between via Stella Bianca and via Chiese.



Webinar about paper

14 July 2021

Proud to be invited to participate in the webinar about paper.

Gianluca Corona exhibition - Musical festival

12 June 2021

nive oil paintings and almost twenty drawings of floral subjects

by Gianluca Corona

from 12 June to 4 July

Laveno Lake, Villa Fumagalli, by the architect Portaluppi. 

Art exhibition introduced by Mario Marcarini.



On the occasion of the music festival directed by Clara Schembari

The VII edition of the Festival Il Lago Cromatico

will take place from June to August in a multi-sensorial journey discovering an area of rare beauty, the lower Lombardy shore of Lake Maggiore in the company of young artists on the move and recognised for their talent.

Music, painting, textile arts, meetings with experts, walks and much more: a programme full of experiences in contact with nature with the desire to be reborn, to flourish again and a message of hope and optimism for the future.



Rai Movie about Paolo Cognetti and Nicola Magrin

07 June 2021

Paolo Cognettti, winner of the Strega Prize with the title Le Otto Montagne (The Eight Mountains), and Nicola Magrin, the watercolourist who contributed to the book's success with the cover image, are at the cinema.

The film documents a long journey made by the two artists in the footsteps of the great novelists who inspired the writer and influenced the painter, who, in the meantime, have become friends, united by shared passions. 

Rai Movie Production, video maker Dario Acocella

Federica Galli - green Grand Tour

06 May 2021

we are glad to invite you at the great prints exhibition of Federica Galli

 a green Grand Tour around the best Italian pandscape.