News 2019

Bada Artfair Partecipation

20 March 2019

We are glad to announce our partecipation at

Bada Art Fair

London 20-26, March

Booth B11


We'll exhibit artworks by

Marzio Tamer

Gianluca Corona

Doriano Scazzosi

Silvia De Bastiani

Giorgia Oldano


And a fine selection of old master prints 


Museo City 2019

01 March 2019

Federica Galli

we're exhibiting the same thirtysix etchings

that the Commission of the eminent Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana acquired on 2010 as soon as the Artist passed away.


Saturday and sunday, 2 - 3 March

exceptional opening of the Federica Galli Foundation

Via San Damiano, 2

Milan -20122


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