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The Salamon’s gallery was established in 1950 in Toronto, Canada by Teresa and Ferdinando. The pioneer couple moved back in Turin in 1954 where in the 70’s the sons Gianni and Silverio opened their own galleries. Teresa and Ferdinando wished to introduce old master prints to the italian market, and they succeded in their efforts by organizing a variety of cultural and commercial events.

The gallery fluorished in 1968, when the couple’s eldest son, Harry, brought the gallery to Milan.

Throughout the years, the Salamon family lent its expertise to help create the most prominent private collections of original master prints in Italy.

In 1986, the gallery relocated to its current location, Palazzo Cicogna, which is an historical building in the heart of Milan that overlooks one of the most beautiful private gardens of the city.

In the same year Lorenza, Harry’s eldest daughter, laid her professional roots, following the path lead by her family by studying old, modern, and contemporary master prints.
During her career, Lorenza Salamon specialized in curating exhibitions, organizing conferences, publishing academic papers and monographs which accompany visitors, art lovers, and collectionists in the fascinating world of original prints.

The master prints library is one of the most complete and broad reaching private collections present in Italy, and, upon appointment, it is available to academics and collectionists alike.

The competence gathered in years of working in this field, together with her passion for technical abilities, beauty, and the creativity involved in original prints, lead Lorenza Salamon to search for talented contemporary artists able to merge outstanding technical abilities with a unique sense of aesthetic. Starting from 1992, selected emerging and recognized etchers, painters, and sculptors transformed the gallery into a prestigious benchmark for Italian contemporary figurative art.

Concurrently, the encounter and twenty years long partnership with the extraordinary painter Marzio Tamer allowed the gallery to further develop a section dedicated to contemporary art inspired by nature and wildlife, which has been the flagship of the Salamon Fine Art Gallery for years.

The care in the materials with which the sculptures, etchings, and paintings are realized, together with the technical abilities of their artists confers them a timeless and universal language, allowing the gallery to propose longlasting and valuable contemporary masterpieces.

A likewise attention is reserved to the visitors of the gallery, these being either art enthusiasts, academics, collectionists, or clients. Therefore it is preferable to visit the gallery upon appointment, thus allowing the staff of the gallery to offer an adequate time to visit it.

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