Salamon Fine Art Gallery


Fondazione Federica Galli

A foundation that safeguards the property and the memory of Federica Galli, one of the most prominent Italian etchers of the ‘900. Her artworks are on sale and permanent exhibition in our gallery.

Concerto Classics

Refined record company whose cd covers are illustrated by our artists’ artworks.

National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA)

A National USA Museum in Washington D.C. that owns Federica Galli’s entire Venice Views Portfolio, comprised by thirty nine prints.

Denver Art Museum

The most important Art Museum in Colorado whose trustees, through the years, have invested in Marzio Tamer’s paintings. His artworks are permanently exhibited in the National Museum.

MUSE - Museo delle Scienze di Trento

The Trento science museum designed by Renzo Piano where three of our artists were selected, by the museum’s senior managers, hold solo exhibitions in their designated art exhibition location within the Museum. Each one of the shows hosted more than 70.000 visitors per exhibition.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana

The Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana is the eminent Italian museum, based in Milan, that safeguards Leonardo’s codex. Following Federica Galli’s passing away, the museum has acquired thirty of her Lombard’s views etchings.


The Italian national festival in Biella (city in the north-west of Italy) that, over the years, has promoted many exhibitions which’s purpose was that of promoting the relation between arts and sciences. Since 2014 many of our artists have been invited to exhibit in the historical palaces that hosts the festival.

Google Arts & Culture - Fondazione Federica Galli

The largest virtual museum in the world that permanently features Federica Galli’s foundation and her etchings.

Raccolta delle Stampe "Achille Bertarelli"

The largest Italian institutional print room, it is located at the Sforzesco Castle Museum in Milan. The museum owns and exhibits some prestigious old master prints bought from our art collection. Furthermore, the museum conservs almost the complete portfolio of Federica Galli’s etchings.

Amici di Sciascia

The association that preserves the archive and the memory of Leonardo Sciascia who has been one of the most righteous protagonist of Italian politics and literature of the ’70. He has been a collector of fine prints and since 2000 the friends of Sciascia organizes one of the most significant international contemporary printmaking awards. We are proud to have been selected as part of the staff for this prestigious competition.

Botanical Garden of Padua

The historical and innovative Hortus of Padova has been inviting some of the botanical artists we deal with, the main one being Margherita Leoni, to exhibit in their renovated art gallery.

Shirley Sherwood Gallery

Shirley Sherwood, who created and livened up the botanical art gallery based in the kew gardens, has selected artworks painted by Marzio Tamer and Margherita Leoni to be exhibited in the show “the Botanical Art in the XX century”. The exhibition collects the best living botanical artists worldwide.