Beth Moon



Time, memory and nature are the central motifs that underlie the photographic imagery of American photographer Beth Moon. Whether she is recording the majestic, sentinel-like Baobab trees for the Portraits of Time series or capturing the strange balance between childhood innocence and the darker wisdom of nature in the project, Thy Kingdom Come; Moon reveals a magical and intuitive appreciation for the ways in which time, memory and nature define our understanding of man’s place in the universe.
Moon was born in Wisconsin and studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin. Classes in painting, life drawing, sculpture, and design would set the groundwork for her work in photography, which was to come years later.

Moving to England, a country with a love for all things arboreal, gave her a fresh look at a land that boasts the largest concentration of ancient trees. Inspired by these trees she decided to make a series of their portraits. Unhappy with the photographic tonality and stability of ink-jet printing, she started to experiment with alternative printing processes, learning platinum/palladium printing, an ideal process for her vision. She concentrated on mastering this printing technique, doing all of her own printing.

“By using the longest lasting photographic process, I hope to speak about survival, not only of man and nature’s but to photography’s survival as well. For each print I mix ground platinum and palladium metals, making a tincture that is hand-coated onto heavy watercolor paper and exposed to light. There are many steps involved in creating the final print and these are as important to me as the capturing of the image,” said Moon. A platinum print can last for centuries, drawing on the common theme of time and survival, pairing photographic subject and process.

Currently Beth resides in Marin County, California with her family. Her work has been the object of numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide, receiving critical acclaim.


Beth Moon artworks

Selected exhibitions


2021  Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Essential Form

2021  Photo Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, NM - Baobab

2020  Salamon Fine Art, Milan, Italy - Beth Moon

2019  Messums Wiltshire, United Kingdom – Material Wood, England

2019  The Bolinas Museum, CA – Beth Moon: Diamond Nights, California

2018  Photo Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, NM – Ancient Kingdoms

2018  The Rain Forest Fringe Festival, Malaysia – Ancient Trees

2018  The Citadelle Art Museum, Texas – Ancient Trees: Ancient Skies

2017  Muse Museo delle Scienze di Trento, Italy – Aboria, I Monumenti Vegetali di Beth Moon e Federica Galli

2017  L'ARIETE Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy – Diamond Nights 

2016  Corden Potts, San Francisco, CA – Diamond Nights

2016  Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Baton Rouge, LA – Diamond Nights

2016  The Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, CA – Bridging Earth and Sky

2016  Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO – Selected Works Beth Moon

2015  Zott’s Artspace, San Cassiano, Italy – Diamond Nights

2015  Corden Potts, San Francisco, CA – Selected Works

2015  George Town Art Festival, Penang, Malaysia – Beth Moon, Ancient Trees

2014  Zott's Artspace, Singapore

2014  PH Neutro Fotographia Fine Art, Pietrasanta, Italy – Diamond Nights

2014  Corden Potts, San Francisco, CA – Diamond Nights

2013  PH Neutro Fotographia Fine Art, Pietrasanta, Italy – Selected Works

2013  The Empty Quarter, Dubai, UAE – Nestled in Nature

2013  L'Ariete Arte Contemporanea, Bologne, Italy – Beth Moon, Bridging Earth and Sky

2012  Vision Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel – Bridging Earth and Sky

2012  Cordon Potts, San Francisco, CA – Odin's Cove

2012  Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM – Human-Nature

2011  PH Neutro Fotographia Fine Art, Verona, Italy – Beth Moon, Selected Works 1999-2011

2010  Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, Canton, Ohio – Beth Moon

2010  Gallery 291, San Francisco, CA – Augurs and Soothsayers and Island of Dragon's Blood

2009  University of San Francisco, CA – Beth Moon Platinum Prints

2009  Fiori Wave Gallery, Brescia, Italy – Beth Moon 

2009  Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Reverie and Rhapsody

2008  Gallery 291, San Francisco, CA – Savage Garden 

2008  Gallery 291, San Francisco, CA – Thy Kingdom Come

2006  The Bolinas Museum, California – Portraits of Time

2001  The Blue Gallery, London, England – Touch Wood

2000 Flatfile, Chicago, Illinois - Beth Moon Portfolio

2000  Fussleman Hall Art Gallery, Kentfield, CA – Trees of Life



2021  Salamon Fine Art, Milan, Italy - Milan Photo Fair

2021  Roland Belgrave Vintage Photography, UK - Photo London

2019  Michigan Museum of Art – The World to Come

2019  The Harn Museum of Florida – The World to Come

2018  Photo Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, NM – Cosmo

2018  La Galerie Blin Plus Blin, Paris, France – Best of "Noir et blanc" à Paris

2017  The Waterfall Mansion and Gallery, New York, NY – New Book

2017  The Baldwin Photographic Gallery, Middleton State University Tennessee

2017  Corden Potts, San Francisco, CA – Summer Selections

2016  Le Ceil Foundation, London, Paris and NYC – Wisdom and Nature

2016  Verve Gallery of Photography, 3 Person Show

2016  Ph Neutro Fotographia – From Liberty to Freedom

2015  Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2014  Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Odin's Cove

2013  Corden Potts, San Francisco, CA

2013  PH Neutro Verona, Italy – Fotographia, dall' Argento al Palladio

2013  Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Figures Studied 

2012  Orticola di Lombardia, Milano, Italy, Villa Reale – Garden-Trees, Flowers, Landscape

2012  Brattleboro Museum , Brattleboro,Vermont – Bridging Earth and Sky

2011  The Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas – Magical Realism 

2010  San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA – Exposed: Today’s Photography

2010  Skotia Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2010  Texas Woman’s University – Joyce Elaine Grant Photography Exhibition

2008  Modern Book Gallery – Palo Alto, CA - Small

2007  Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA – Best of Arles Foto Folio

2007  Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie, France

2007  Flatfile Gallery, Chicago, IL – Flora Faun

2007  Aperture F64, San Anselmo, CA – Among Trees

2006  The John Stevenson Gallery, New York, NY– Noble Processes in a Digital Age

2005 SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco,  CA – New Photography 

2005  Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO - Intimate Floral

2005  Witte Museum San Antonio, TX – Witte Water Works

2004  FlatFile, Chicago, IL – The Earth



The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego 

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano, Italy

The Citadelle Art Museum, Texas



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