Lorenzo Tiepolo


Lorenzo Tiepolo

(Venezia8 agosto 1736 – Madrid2 maggio 1776)

He began to follow his father at an early age when he was only 15 years old. 

He did his first work, following his father and brother to Würzburg, where Prince-Bishop Charles-Philippe of Greiffenklau asked him to decorate his palace. A series of drawings attributed to him belong to this period.

On his return to Venice, he began to work as a portrait painter and tried his etching hand, which he mastered with great skill. 

In 1761 he was included in a confraternity of Venetian painters, "la Fraglia". The following year he left Venice for Madrid for good, where he helped his father paint frescoes for Charles III; in 1768 he painted a ceiling for the palace and a portrait of the royal family. After his father's death (1770), he received a small annual pension from the Spanish royal family, which he lived on for the rest of his life.

Nine etchings remain from his engraving work.