Kobayashi Keisei (�°�林 敬生 born January 26, 1944) is a Japanese printmaker, hanga artist, and wood engraving artist. He has also made their patterns more complicated. Techniques, such as composition of more two wood plates and what called "Kagami-Bari" technique (a technique for creating two symmetrical figures on both sides of Washi paper as reflected in Kagami-Mirror.).

He is a professor at Tama Art University (Painting Department printmaking course), a member of "The Japan Print Association" and a member of "Japan Artists Association, Inc.".



·      1944 Born in MatsueShimane prefecture. JAPAN

·       1968 Graduates from International Art Institute, Kyoto

·       1981 Member of “The Japan Print Association”

·       1987 "Transferred soul -S62-8- " is purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

·       1997 Appointed professor at Tama Art University (Department painting printmaking course).

·       2003 A lecture, practical skill instruction in Guanajuato State University, Mexico

·       2006 Awarded a Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese government

·       2011 A lecture, practical skill instruction Institute of China, Hangzhou China art



Selected exhibitions

Exhibition and award







2015-2016 The 8thInternational Print Award Leonardo Sciascia, amateur d’estampes, first Award

2007    The 13th Gen Yamaguchi Memorial Grand Prize 

1992    C.W.A.J. Australia Exhibition(Queensland Art Gallery. etc.)

1991    The 1st International print triennale, Osaka, special Award

The 19th Japan and France contemporary art exhibition, special Award

The 4th Wakayama Print Biennial Exhibition, Award 

1990    The 1st Kochi International Exhibition of Prints Triennial, Special Award

The Biella International Art Exhibition (Italy)


The 17th Japan-France Contemporary Art Exhibition prize, Special Award

1989    The 3rd Wakayama Print Biennial Exhibition, Special Award

The 19th modern Japanese Art Exhibition by Mainichi Shinbun (Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima) Bridgestone Museum Award 

Art Exciting '89. The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Australia(Queensland Art Gallery)


The 100th Anniversary of Western Washington.

1988    The 22nd Contemporary Art Selective Exhibition(Organized by the Agency of     Cultural Affeairs, etc.)

1987    The 2nd WakayamaPrint Biennial(Wakayama), Special Award


The 17th international Biennial of Graphic Art, L

1984    The 8th British International Print Biennial (Bradford)

International Exhibition for Friendship(Seoul)

C.W.A.J International Exhibition(Hawaii, Los Angeles, Montreal, London)

Print Exhibition Korea and Japan(Seoul, Shimonoseki, Kure)



1983    The 1st Grand Prix Print Exhibition of Central Museum(Tokyo, Osaka), award

The 4th International Print biennial(Seoul)

The 1st International Print Biennial(Taipei)

1982    The 2nd International Miniature Print Exhibition(Seoul, Grand Prix)

1981    The 14th international Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubliana

The 12th Print Grand Prix Exhibition, Award

The 49th Japan Print Association Exhibition, Special Award


Contemporary Japanese Print Exhibition (Mall Galleries. London, UenoRoyal Museum,Tokyo) 


1979    The 10th Print Grand Prix Exhibition, Award

1978    The 2nd Contemporary Print Exhibition,Grand-Prix,(Seibu Museum, Tokyo), Special Award


             The 9th Print Grand Prix Exhibition, Award


·      1968 Portfolio of original prints "The Social Movement of Japan, Meiji Era" (private house book wood engraving)

·      1979 Portfolio of original prints "A song without words " (Shirota Gallery)

·      1984 Portfolio of original prints "In the silent time" (Shirota Gallery)

·      1992 "Keisei Kobayashi Wood Engraving 1977–1992" (Gallery station Co., Ltd. ISBN 4-915478-50-5 ISBN 978-4915478505)

·      2011 October "Keisei Kobayashi Catalogue Rqaisonne Wood-Engraving 1976–2011-" publication (Abe publication Co., Ltd. ISBN 4-87242-328-3 ISBN 978-4872423280)

Portfolio of original prints " Transferred soul -paradise (Eden)- " (Shirota Gallery)


International institutional museums that own his artworks 

British Museum / Royal Academy of arts (the U.K.) Rue yellowtail hole international print center (Slovenia) Washington State University / Pueblo Museum (U.S.A.) Guanajuato state establishment Alhondiga de Granaditas Museum / Diego Rivera Museum (Mexico) Ticotin Japan Museum (Israel) New South Wales art museum (Australia) New Zealand National Gallery (New Zealand) Taipei City art museum (the Republic of China) Silpakorn University (Thailand) Ilmin Museum (Korea)


Japanese institutional museums that own his artworks 

The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo / Bridgestone Museum of ArtMachida City Museum of Graphic Arts / The Museum Of Modern Art, Saitama / Yokohama Museum Of Art / Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art / Suzaka HANGA Museum / Kamiyamada Cultural Center / Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Art / Niigata City Art Museum/ The Museum Of Modern Art,Toyama / Kurobe City Art Museum / Aichi Prefectural art museum / Okazaki City art museum / National Museum of Art, Osaka / Osaka Contemporary Art Center / The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama / Hiroshima Prefectural art museum / Higashihiroshima City Museum of Art / Shimane art museum / The Museum of Art,Kochi / Kami City art museum / Miyazaki Prefectural art museum / Agency for Cultural Affairs others