Nicole Grammi



After attending the Beato Angelico Art Institute in Milan, where he obtained the title of Master of Art in the mid-90s, he decided to devote himself to the commercial activity started by his family. He remains in the sales business until 2009.

Since 2010, following some health problems, he decides to resume his prematurely abandoned artistic path. Self-taught, she combines her skills as a painter with the knowledge of various ceramic techniques using different terrains, from marl to porcelain.

The works thus conceived give the elements a new dimension, form and language. Over the years, this evolution has led her to experiment, creating personal techniques with the use in particular of stoneware and porcelain, obtaining increasingly light and subtle results.

As a distinctive feature of his production he chooses to keep the colors of the earth in their natural state, enriching them in some cases through the "lettering" method.

The ceramic sculptures give new life, awareness and nobility to the material used, combining technical virtuosity with poetry and stylistic lightness in every artistic composition.

At the same time, the works are inspired by nature, becoming an expression, a way to communicate a vision, which through stories and paths, intends to bring attention to the uniqueness of the world in which we live, enhancing its simplicity and fragility.

Selected exhibitions


2014 - Selected for the collective exhibition “Arte a Palazzo (Bo). Review received by the critic Giorgio Grasso

2015 - Selected for the "Clay2day" international ceramics fair in Lisserbroek (NL)

2015 - Selected for the art exhibition "The anchovy jump" at the Priamar Fortress in Savona

2016 - Personal exhibition "Reflections" at the Nervi Castle in Genoa (Ge)

2017 - Exhibition at the "Sharing Design 2017 Nature & Social" event at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Collateral event of the Fuori Salone in Milan

2018 - Selected for the collective exhibition “Arte a Palazzo (Bo). Review received by the critic Vittorio Sgarbi

2018 - Art collective "Fans of Artist's Creations" in Cecina (Li) curated by Luisa Moradei of the Hermann Geiger Foundation

2022 - Exhibition at the “Food Design Stories” event at Superstudio Più in Milan. Event of the Fuori Salone in Milan




Years 2012 and 2014 Albissola (Sv) finalist respectively at the "8th and 9th International Review of Albissola city of art and ceramics"