Ottorino De Lucchi was born in Ferrara on 8 November 1951.

He has been painting for about twenty years and he shows a marked adherence to the “optical” and natural truth of the image, which he represents through a minute and analytical description of the details. The compositions of fruit, leaves and flowers, however, take on a marked dramatic note, which finds expression in the light that illuminates the subjects and places them in strong relief with respect to the bottom plane on which they are depicted.

Light literally builds forms, makes them sacred and profane together, giving the subjects metaphysical qualities that prelude to a symbolic reading of the image. In recent years the artist has developed a variant of the dry brush technique, a method that allows him to create intense works and has conservation prosess similar to oil painting.

The researches, materials and every phase of the executive process have been, several times, source of publication by Ottorino De Lucchi.



Selected exhibitions

Selected shows:

2014    “Art Box – Water Views” Vicenza, “Studio 10” San Martino d.A., Mantova, “Questarte” Arquà Petrarca, “CK Contemporary” San Francisco (USA)

2013    “CK Contemporary” San Francisco (USA), “Galleria Novecento” Portu Quatu, “Galleria Fiorentina” Firenze

2012    “Galleria Salamon” Milano, “CK Contemporary” San Francisco (USA), “Museo Ceramica” Deruta, “Galleria Novecento” Portu Quatu, “Questarte” Brunico, “Collezione 7×11” Itinerante

2011    “Galleria Nino Sindoni” Asiago, “Galleria Novecento” Salerno, “Studio 10” San Martino d.A., Mantova

2010    “Museè d’Arts Decoratifes” Bordeaux, Francia, “Showroom Ingo Maurer” Monaco, Germania,  “Collezione 7 x 11. La poesia degli artisti”, Longiano

2008 “Profili d'Artista 3/ Ottorino De Lucchi - Profumi dipinti”, Venezia

2004 “Galleria Novecento” “Galleria La Roggia” Conegliano, Treviso

2005 “Galleria Gaudì” Madrid, Spagna “Galleria Sindoni” Asiago, Vicenza “Galleria l’Immagine” Cremona “Editoriale CDE” Castel del Piano, Grosseto

2003 “Galleria Borromeo” Padova “Galleria Sindoni” Asiago, Vicenza

2002 “Galleria Al Tezzon” Camposampiero, Padova “Galleria Sindoni” Asiago, Vicenza