Giorgio Maria Griffa was born in Biella, in 1944.He is a missed pharmacist who uses alchemy to mix colors. He tied different expressive techniques before finding the medium that best suits him in the watercolor to bring back memories on his travels, preferring seascapes, wrecks and lighthouses. Griffa thinks it is enough to travel alone to make some experiences unique.
The goals of the trips and the subjects of his works are precise choices. He prefers the north to the east, he chooses little inhabited places, he doesn't ask questions to those who live there, he doesn't pretend to be a local, he doesn't disturb.
He exhibits his travel watercolors in galleries "far from the currents" and the reports of his travels are published in specialized magazines in Italy and abroad. He writes and draws for Ideali-bri (BREAKFAST & BRUNCH, Idealibri, 1988).
In 1995 he published, after a long journey with the photographer Fabrizio Lava, TIERRA DEL FUEGO (Eventi & Progetti, 1995), a book of watercolors and photographs on Tierra del Fuego.
In 1998 he traveled to the Falklands, then to Antarctica and South Georgia, interested above all in the old abandoned whaling stations.
The volume ACQUARELLI DI VIAGGIO (Nuages, 1999) is published the following year. In 2005 I FARI DEGLI STEVENSON is printed.