Salamon Exhibitions


In Stock 2023 - 2024

from 15 October 2023 to 31 December 2023

The InStock catalogue, which we publish biannually, gives you a virtual peek into the drawers where antique, modern and contemporary prints are kept. For three generations, they have helped to spread the taste of our choices in commercial and cultural terms. The sector has been the backbone of our business since 1954. 

In addition, you can appreciate most of the contemporary artists in the gallery.

Space and time are not enough to organise a monographic exhibition for them every year, although they would deserve it. The catalogue makes up for this limitation.

For each of them we offer a selection of works, and by visiting us -and the website- you can find an even wider choice. 

In Stock 2023 - 2024
inStock 2023 - 2024

Over two hundred artworks. 

Old masters and contemporary printmakers, watercolours, paintings and sculptures.