Paola Nizzoli Desiderato

3D Still Life Sculptures

Bees wax sculptures

Andrea Boyer

Drawings and Portraits

Pencil drawings

Gianluca Corona

Il Canto delle Cose Mute

Oil Paintings

Ottorino de Lucchi

Ottorino De Lucchi interprets Michele De Lucchi


Federica Galli

Italian Monumental Trees


Federica Galli

North Italian Farms and Landscapes

Etchings between 1986 and 2009

Federica Galli

North Italian Farm and Landscapes

Etchings between 1956 and 1986

Federica Galli

Milan views


Margherita Leoni

Tropical forest flowers and orchids

Watercolours till 2001

Margherita Leoni

Botanic Art?

watercolours, 2007