Natura morta con cinque oggetti, 1956

Etching mm 138 x 198

Very fine etching, particularly sharp and well-inked in the third state of four. Of the first two states, four proofs are known in public collections and not on the market. Therefore, the third state is the definitive one, with the autograph additions of signs useful to strengthen shadows and details to give the correct three-dimensionality and light to the two jugs in the foreground. 

The print run comprises 15 proofs printed by the artist and identified with Roman numerals and 150 examples, with Arabic numeration, printed by the Associazione Amatori d'Arte di Roma.

In a perfect state of preservation, despite the presence of a crease, brief, at the lower right corner along the outer edge of the work, insignificant; with a particularly abundant and irregular margin of about 13 cm all around beyond the impression of the copper. 

In the upper left corner is the printer's embossed stamp.

The rarity of the Bolognese Master's graphic works, the high printing quality, and the composition's maturity make this exemplar a desirable and almost unobtainable object.